When businesses start going back to work they will have to evaluate their current financial situations. Most will have taken at least a minimal hit financially if not a total loss. That will lead to even more people out of jobs. Businesses when rebounding from those financial hits will have to be conservative in hiring new employees and will not rush into hiring. That being said, there will be some businesses that will be hiring, but not enough to make a big enough impact on the unemployment rate. The competition will be tough for every job opening that is posted. If a typical posted position brings in 100 candidates normally, it may jump to even 1,000 candidates. Even if there were 700 that applied for the same position as you, only 1 will get the job offer. Jobseekers be prepared! Prepare your resumes, cover letters, and practice your interview skills. You will have to standout on paper and in person!
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Job Seekers
Jobseekers must read!!!! I predict that there will be a huge influx in candidates for the positions you are applying for! When all of this COVID-19 pandemic is over, or at least when we go back to work there will be an overwhelming amount of people applying for any job postings. Think about this... right now there are workers who have been put out of work because of the economic changes due to the coronavirus. The unemployment rates have spiked, to over 7 million people. Businesses have put freezes on the hirings that they had planned, and some employed workers are taking this time to seek another career.
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